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Medicare Cuts Take My Breath Away

Home Blog Medicare Cuts Take My Breath Away

As previously reported at People for Quality Care, Medicare has been cutting funding for essential home medical equipment to dangerously low rates that make it harder for people with Medicare to get items like walkers, wheelchairs, oxygen therapy, CPAPs & supplies, and more.

For people who rely on home oxygen therapy, the situation has gotten even worse.

On January 1, 2017, Medicare further slashed funding for vital home oxygen therapy for Medicare patients who rely on stationary oxygen concentrators.  Rural and remote areas across the country are suffering the most and either having trouble finding a company who will serve them or are being asked to pay higher out of pocket costs to personally cover the difference to offset Medicare’s underfunded reimbursement.

We’re already hearing reports of companies on the brink of closure, operating in the red without adequate payment for caring for this vulnerable population.  Where will their patients go to continue receiving this life-sustaining equipment?

Medicare patients who can still find companies to serve them are facing higher out-of-pocket expenses, as the patient is now having to pay the difference in the cost of the equipment and the low government allowable.  Not only can many oxygen patients not afford to do this on fixed incomes, they shouldn’t have to!  The Medicare system is failing the very people it’s designed to protect.

Join us in fighting for our nation’s sickest and most vulnerable population to get continued access to home oxygen therapy!

Call our Complaint Hotline (800-404-8702) and share your experience if you’re having a hard time finding a company to provide home oxygen therapy and/or you are being asked to pay out of pocket to receive it.


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