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Planning for Fun (and Safety!)

Home Blog Planning for Fun (and Safety!)

Travel season is in full effect with airlines saying that this is the busiest summer ever. Thanks to advancements in medical device technology and adaptive daily living aids, seniors and people with disabilities and chronic conditions are able to travel and explore more places than ever before! Whether you’re booking a flight to Paris or scheduling a road trip, plan for safe traveling to get the most from your experience.

Here are some helpful tips for safe traveling:

Oxygen Travel

  • Keep a car window cracked. An open window allows air to circulate within the car, preventing oxygen from building up.
  • Stress the importance of no smoking in the car. Oxygen is flammable, so any person smoking in a car with oxygen equipment endangers all other occupants.
  • Contact the airline in advance. If you are flying with an FAA-approved portable oxygen concentrator, contact the airline in advance so that they can advise you on what you need for the flight.

CPAP Travel

  • Empty the humidifier chamber. Ensuring that the humidifier chamber is empty and dry will prevent spills that could cause damage to your machine.
  • Request a seat near an outlet. For long flights that may involve sleeping on the plane, request a seat near an outlet.

Wheelchair Travel

  • Contact the airline in advance. Let them know that you will be traveling with a wheelchair so they can coordinate your travel and connections accordingly.
  • Arrive at the airport early. Passengers who travel with battery-powered wheelchairs should arrive at the airport an hour prior to the normal check-in time.
  • Request bulkhead seats or a seat with a flip-up armrest. While some airlines block bulkhead seats for wheelchair users, they are not required to do so. If bulkhead seats are not available, flip-up armrests make transfers easier.

Daily Living Aids Travel

  • Consider purchasing a lightweight rollator. Lightweight rollators can make it easier to get around. They assist with walking, provide a seat to rest on, and include a basket to store personal belongings.
  • Bring a portable shower bench. A portable shower bench ensures safe bathing and will reduce the likelihood of slipping in the tub. This is a particularly great option if you are staying at a place that does not have grab-bars installed in the shower.
  • Pack a pillbox. An organized pillbox will help to ensure that the proper medications are taken at the proper times. A pillbox will also reduce the clutter of bringing multiple prescription bottles.

At People for Quality Care, we believe that regardless of where your travels take you, all communities across America deserve access to medically necessary home medical equipment, supplies, and services. However, many areas of the country are struggling to provide these products and services for individuals who need it due to a flawed Medicare program.

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