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Congressional Letters on Power Seat Elevation and Standing Systems Begin to Circulate

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Posted On: September 23, 2022 by People For Quality Care in: Blog

The ball keeps rolling for CRT (Complex Rehab Technology). Just days after the House of Representatives sign-on letter regarding power seat elevation and standing systems started circulating, one was also introduced in the Senate. The Senate letter, led by Sens. Duckworth (D-IL), Blackburn (R-TN), and Casey (D-PA), is currently open for senators to sign through Sept. 30.    Medicare currently DOES NOT cover power seat elevation and power standing systems used with CRT power wheelchairs. Clinical evidence shows these CRT systems provide significant medical benefits to people with disabilities and enable them to be much more independent in their homes and communities.   It is extremely important that all CRT advocates act and email their senators and representatives asking them to sign these letters. Both the Senate letter and the House letter are only taking signatures for a limited time. Do not miss the opportunity to have your voice heard.

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