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August of Action 2022 is Here!

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Meet with your member of Congress during the congressional summer break 

Each year, both the House of Representatives and the Senate gavel the session out for most of the month of August and the first part of September so that elected officials can return home to the places they represent. During this period, it is important to reach out to your legislators to educate or update them on the current issues with home medical equipment.   

A few simple ways to get some face-to-face time with your legislators this summer are… 

  • Host a meet and greet event at your location 
  • Attend town hall events or town parades to get some face-to-face time with your legislator  
  • Reach out to their office for an in-person meeting 

If you are unable to make an appointment during the recess, there are other times that you can meet your legislator. Legislators will normally host events throughout the year to hear their constituents’ concerns. Attending these events would be a significant use of time and resources. If you want to find out when one of these events is happening visit your legislator’s website or call their offices.  

Items that would be beneficial to discuss with your members of Congress: 

  • Accessibility to quality services and products to Medicare beneficiaries 
  • Ask for support for H.R. 6641, DMEPOS Relief Act of 2022  
  • The reimbursement rates for HME during the COVID-19 public health emergency remain in place after the PHE is over 



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