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Clear Vision for 2020

Home Blog Clear Vision for 2020

The new year is a time to reflect on the previous year as well as gain a fresh perspective. It’s a time to review the work that was done, and a look at what could have been done differently. It’s also a time for reflecting on celebrations and losses.

The industry had a great win when the President signed into law the spending bill that will fund the government through fiscal year 2020, avoiding a budget showdown. Included in this bill was language from the complex rehab technology legislation that excludes custom wheelchair accessories from the competitive bidding program for 18 months. This means that Medicare will not be able to implement major reimbursement cuts to vital accessories such as leg rests, trays, cushions, headrests, etc. Because these accessories are critical components for an optimal quality of life to the user, this legislation being passed is a huge win for anyone that relies on their custom wheelchair every day. 

Looking ahead at 2020, we will continue to work on the passage of other important pieces of legislation such as:

Protecting Home Oxygen & Medical Equipment

This legislation allows for increased reimbursement rates for durable medical equipment (such as walkers, wheelchairs, canes, etc.) and oxygen equipment and supplies in areas of the country where reimbursement has been slashed. Learn more and take action here.

Safeguarding Medicare Access to Respiratory Therapy

This legislation would delay the inclusion of ventilators from the Medicare durable medical equipment competitive bidding program for five years, and it would establish a technical expert panel (TEP) to update national coverage policies for home mechanical ventilator devices so that they reflect technological advancements and peer-reviewed science. Learn more and take action here

Breast Cancer Patient Equity Act

This legislation would establish custom breast prostheses as a Medicare-covered benefit, thereby giving women all recovery options after surviving breast cancer. Learn more and take action here

Ensuring Access to Quality Complex Rehabilitation Technology Act

This separate benefit legislation bill allows for needed improvements for complex rehab equipment and supplies in coverage policies, coding, and quality standards to better address the unique needs of people with significant disabilities and chronic medical conditions. Learn more and take action here.

We look forward to continuing the battle for accessibility and fair reimbursement for quality goods and services. Please continue contacting your elected officials! You can easily send a message to your member of Congress by visiting


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