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Improving Access to Quality Care

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May, which also happens to be National Mobility Awareness Month, is coming to an end. But, that doesn’t mean our efforts and ability to receive access to quality care and equipment should come to an end!

As the pandemic continues, home medical equipment (HME) providers play a critical, frontline role in providing accessible, quality care to those who rely on equipment such as oxygen, mobility equipment, and more. However, these providers continue to face reimbursement cuts, which makes it difficult for them to provide these essential services. Earlier this year, the VGM Government Relations team conducted a delivery cost survey where nearly 100 HME providers participated. The results demonstrate the real cost – and increase - of providing this equipment to patients’ homes before and during the public health emergency. If HMEs are unable to service patients due to insufficient payment relative to the cost of delivery, those who rely on these equipment and services will encounter even further access issues. 

HME providers are a driving force behind helping individuals maintain their mobility and independence. However, many providers face reimbursement cuts which directly impact beneficiaries, especially in rural America, who have trouble getting access to the equipment they need as a result of those cuts. We must show lawmakers that home medical equipment providers are a necessity and that they must be able to stay in business to continue supplying these essential services to you so you can continue to receive proper access to quality care and maintain your independence.

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