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Independence – It’s Worth Fighting For

Home Blog Independence – It’s Worth Fighting For

For 242 years, our country has celebrated its independence each July. But, while we
celebrate our country’s independence, government policies have made it harder for
millions of Americans to maintain their own independence.

In previous posts, we discussed Medicare’s faulty “Competitive Bidding” program. The
program has slashed funding for home medical equipment, supplies, and services by
upwards of 50 percent. It has crippled access to these products and services many
Americans rely on, leading to a massive shortage of suppliers available to Medicare

In Calais, Maine, the last remaining supplier was recently forced to close their doors. The
cause? Financial strains due to the competitive bidding program. Now, the closest
suppliers are more than two hours away, and the local area hospital is scrambling.
Patients are ready to be discharged and continue their recovery at home, but they need
access to items such as hospital beds, wheelchairs, or patient lifts. Without them, patients are stuck in the hospital much longer.

More than one in every three companies has already closed nationwide. Others have had
no choice but to stop serving Medicare beneficiaries. This has had a huge impact on
individuals' ability to access the home medical equipment they need to remain
independent at home. Even Medicare acknowledged this downward trend won’t stop
without government intervention.

A bill is in the House of Representatives that will provide much-needed relief. HR 4229,
the Protecting HOME Access Act, already has more than 150 co-sponsors, but we need
more! We ask that you reach out to your member of Congress about co-sponsoring it.

Please click here to send a letter to your member of Congress. Together, we can help
millions of Americans be with their families and take part in their communities.

Share your story. If you or a loved one is having trouble accessing the home medical
equipment you need, please contact us at 800.404.8702.


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