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Push Home Medical Equipment Reform Into Lame Duck Session

Home Blog Push Home Medical Equipment Reform Into Lame Duck Session

Elected officials have left Washington D.C. to focus on the elections, and unfortunately, home medical equipment reform was tabled along with hundreds of issues.  

What does this mean?

  • It means that the government is still severely underfunding essential medical equipment.

  • It means that problems are growing as beneficiaries have a harder and harder time getting the equipment, supplies, and services.

  • It means that rural areas are losing their community resources forhomecare.

  • It means that our nation’s elderly and disabled are suffering.

And it also means that we have an important task before us.

We must be louder than ever before, and the Halls of Congress need to be ringing with the stories from constituents like you who demand they fix this mess, enabling you to get the equipment and supplies you need so you can safely live at home.

In a press conference, Speaker of the House Paul Ryan indicated a productive lame duck session when Congress reconvenes, “When we return in November, I look forward to completing work on some very important key initiatives that just haven't quite gotten over the finish line.”

Until then, we are engaging the House and Senate at the highest levels, and they are sensitive to your issues.  They have specifically requested that you continue to reach out to them, keeping them abreast of how Medicare’s funding cuts have impacted your access to home medical equipment and related-services.  

Please note, they have a few weeks left this year to pass a law to protect you, and they need to know this is a top priority.

We need you your help! Please:

1— Send a letter to Congress, here

2— Call the Complaint Hotline (800.404.8702) and share your story

3—Ask 5 friends or family members to take a stand with you and send a letter as well.

We must continue to press elected officials on this issue and convey the urgency in which an agreement between the House and Senate must be reached!


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