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National Mobility Awareness Month: Make Your Voice Heard

Home Blog National Mobility Awareness Month: Make Your Voice Heard

Next week kicks off May, which also happens to be National Mobility Awareness Month! National Mobility Awareness Month is a time to raise awareness about the mobility solutions and equipment that can help individuals enjoy greater independence and stay active in the community.

There are dozens of reasons someone might experience limited mobility. Assistive technology and home medical equipment (HME) are available to help people safely ambulate and, thus, maintain their independence. Some examples of this equipment include:

  • Canes
  • Walkers
  • Wheelchairs
  • Power wheelchairs
  • Scooters
  • Specialized options, like customized and individually configured wheelchairs

HME providers are a driving force behind helping individuals maintain their mobility and independence. They can work with the individual and their physician to provide the right mobility solution to meet their medical, anatomical, and functional needs. HME companies also work with the individual to factor environmental considerations such as ensuring the device can be used inside the home (e.g., through doorways, around tight angles, etc.).

However, these essential providers have continued to face reimbursement cuts which have had a direct impact on many beneficiaries, especially in rural America, who have trouble getting access to the equipment they need as a result of those cuts.

We must ensure that the suppliers of these goods and services continue to stay in business. One way to do so is to get to know your members of Congress and tell your story. We encourage you introduce yourself to your member of Congress and talk about the issues that affect you and your loved ones, including the ability to receive access to quality care, medical equipment, and supplies. Hearing from patients directly about the true costs these cuts to reimbursement have—not only for providers, but for beneficiaries who lack proper access to quality mobility equipment and care—can show that home medical equipment providers are a necessity and that they must be able to stay in business to continue supplying these essential services to you.

Mobility is something that affects us all. With the right mobility device, individuals can enjoy greater independence, perform activities of daily living, and stay active in their community. But we must make lawmakers understand the importance of maintaining access to mobility equipment in order to maintain independence. Reach out to your members of Congress today!


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