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November Is National Family Caregivers Month

Home Blog November Is National Family Caregivers Month

When someone mentions November, it’s usually Thanksgiving that comes to mind. But November also happens to be National Family Caregivers Month and Home Care Month. It’s a time to celebrate the contributions friends and family members make to support loved ones with their health and how their efforts enable millions of people to live at home. So, join People for Quality Care in saying thank you to these dedicated unsung heroes!

Each year nationwide, more than 65 million Americans spend an average of 20 unpaid hours per week caring for a chronically ill, disabled or aging family member or friend. Not only are they the foundation of care for their love ones, they’re the foundation for long‐term care across the country. The economic impact of family caregivers is huge, exceeding Medicaid spending on long‐term care in every single state.

Family caregivers impact more than the economy, though. Their dedication makes all the difference in the lives of those they care for. Over 90 percent of self‐identified family caregivers report becoming more active in finding resources and learning new skills to help them provide better care. Family caregivers often serve as the voice and advocate for their loved one. When individuals experience access issues to home medical equipment, supplies and services, People for Quality Care often hears from family caregivers who are speaking out on behalf their family member.

When family caregivers have given so much, it’s only right that we offer them support where we can.

They play a key role in the quality of life for those they care for and in the health care system at large.

Let’s come together and thank them for all that they do to better the lives of everyone who requires long‐term care – and give them the support they need so that their loved one can continue to benefit from home care.

If you’re looking for resources and support, be sure to check out the Caregiver Action Network. It’s were we pulled all the statistics above, and they have a number of tools to help support family caregivers of all backgrounds.

Want to Really Say Thank You?

Support family caregivers by taking action to make sure their loved ones have access to the medical equipment they need. Local providers of home medical equipment are essential in helping patients find necessary services and supplies – in their communities and nationwide. Click here to take action. It only takes 30 seconds!


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