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People for Quality Care Launches Consumer Access Survey

Home Blog People for Quality Care Launches Consumer Access Survey

Not having the medical services or supplies you need when you need them can be a very frustrating experience – to say the least. And, oftentimes people suffer in silence, not realizing their voice can make a difference. That is why People for Quality Care is here, and we want to help!

One way you can share your story is by taking our survey. People for Quality Care is conducting a survey from now until Friday, April 26, and we want to hear from you!

The survey intends to help measure beneficiaries’ experiences with getting medical equipment and supplies for their homes and availability of services that have been impacted by the changes in how suppliers provide products and services through Medicare.

“Ensuring we understand the direct impact the changes being made by Medicare are having on consumers and caregivers is critical in helping us communicate their issues to elected officials,” says Rob Duryea, director of People for Quality Care.

While primarily targeting Medicare beneficiaries, the survey is also open to those with other insurance who have been impacted by the ripple effect of the Medicare program.

Suppliers are encouraged to assist in raising awareness of the survey and share the survey link,, with their customers and local consumer groups.

“This survey will provide meaningful, current intel that highlights the real‐world impact the changes in this program are causing,“ comments Ashley Plauché, legislative partner for People for Quality Care and manager of Government Affairs for AAHomecare. “This information is critical to legislators and regulatory bodies who are tasked with the responsibility of preserving beneficiary access to care under the Medicare benefit.”

“Our number one priority for conducting this survey is to hear from people who are struggling to get quality HME and supplies so that we can assist in sharing their story,” says Rose Schafhauser, state association partner for People for Quality Care and executive director of MAMES and SWMESA.

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