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Reliance Medical Speaks Out on Rural Access to HME

Home Blog Reliance Medical Speaks Out on Rural Access to HME

Americans in all states are now impacted by Medicare’s competitive bidding program. We believe that the program, aimed at reducing health care costs while maintaining access to quality medical equipment and services, has failed its intended. Studiesreports, legislators and Medicare beneficiaries have chided the program for its inefficiencies, and providers are speaking out.

Reliance Medical Equipment, in partnership with People for Quality Care, created a video explaining how reimbursement cuts (brought on by the bidding program) have impacted the lives of the patients they serve.

The health care provider’s message to Congress is a part of a collective effort to STOP Medicare from moving forward with another reimbursement cut in July. If enacted, the 25 percent cut to walkers, wheelchairs, oxygen and other durable medical equipment would jeopardize the lives of millions of Americans who rely on these life-sustaining medical equipment and therapies.

Our Ask to You

  • WATCH: Please take five minutes to hear Reliance Medical’s important message by watching their video.
  • SHARE: After finishing the video, share it on your social networks to bring more awareness to protect medical equipment access.
  • MESSAGE: Make sure to send a message to Congress with our easy messaging tool urging them to support legislation (H.R. 5210/S. 2736). 


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