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Take Action to Make Home Medical Equipment Suppliers a Priority

Home Blog Take Action to Make Home Medical Equipment Suppliers a Priority

As we enter a new year, we continue to make our way through the public health emergency (PHE). Those on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic, including home medical equipment (HME) suppliers, have been working tirelessly to ensure that you and your loved ones continue to receive the products and services you rely on, including oxygen, ventilators, and more. For this reason, we are asking you to help us in urging your governor and state health department to make HME suppliers a priority.

The rollout of the COVID-19 vaccination continues, and it is essential that HME suppliers and their staff be protected so they can continue to care for patients during this time. Healing at home is more important than ever right now. Allowing those of us to heal in the comfort of our own home limits the number of people we come in contact with, opens up hospital bed availability for severe COVID-19 cases, and saves millions of dollars when calculating the cost of a hospital stay. Plus, the mental health of healing at home versus being alone in a hospital is incalculable. 

It is also known that many HME suppliers are still struggling to get necessary personal protective equipment (PPE). Sadly, we are hearing the country is producing enough masks, gowns, and other PPE, but they are not reaching the healthcare workers that need them.

For these reasons, we ask that you reach out to your governor’s office today and urge them to include HME providers as a priority when it comes to the distribution of personal protective equipment (PPE) and vaccinations. You can easily send a message to your governor. Simply click here and enter in your information, and your request will be sent to your governor’s office. Please encourage all of your co-workers, friends, and family to do the same!


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