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The Election is Over, Our Work is Not

Home Blog The Election is Over, Our Work is Not

The election is officially over and we have many changes on the way. Whether you are content with results or disappointed, one fact stands resolute – our work is far from finished. 

There are millions of Americans who rely on access to quality home medical equipment and as it stands their access is being threatened by Medicare’s funding cuts.

They are people like Jueldia Smith

 Jueldia Smith lives in rural Montana and requires enteral supplies (tube feeding) to get her nutrients. When she went in to get her supplies, she was told she’d have to pay $500/month out of pocket because her home medical equipment supplier couldn’t afford to take assignment once Medicare’s July 1 rate cuts took effect.

After calling Medicare’s 800 number and using the Supplier Directory online; Jueldia couldn’t find a supplier in over 200 miles that could serve her.

As last ditch effort, Jueldia and her daughter, Bonnie, contacted People for Quality Care, who reached out to all industry allies trying to find help.  Through great efforts and resources not available to the average beneficiary, People for Quality Care was able to connect her with a medical equipment supplier who said they’d be able to help.

Had it not been for extraordinary resources and personal connections, she would have been paying $500 per month for enteral and soon not been able to afford to continue getting it.

They are people like Katie Dickey

Katie is a member of the U.S. National Power Soccer Team and is currently attending law school at Indiana University to pursue a career that helps those with disabilities. She shares that she is not “defined by her wheelchair”, but recognizes that it has shaped her to be the person she is today.

Katie is calling on Congress to keep their promises to get medical equipment to those who need it in a timely and efficient matter.

Will you do the same?

Right now we need your heart, passion and voice to help us break through the noise of the election results and lay a strong case for Congress when they return to Washington D.C. next week.

Join us in advocating for preserved access to medical equipment by calling the Washington D.C. switchboard at 1-202-224-3121 and sending a letter to Congress about this important issue, here.  


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