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Why Investing In Your Equipment Matters

Home Blog Why Investing In Your Equipment Matters

Last month, we highlighted the importance of being supplied with the appropriate services and equipment for an improved quality of life for you and your loved ones. When proper funds and resources are invested into the products and services you and your loved ones rely on, the risk of falling decreases, and the quality of care and equipment you and your loved ones receive – as well as the cost-savings – will increase. 

A recent study “The Case for Medicare Investment in DME in 2021,” released by VGM Government, in conjunction with Brian Leitten and Leitten Consulting, explains if CMS re-allocated funds towards investing in durable medical equipment (DME), they could actually save money. 

“The costs that CMS saved over a decade of focusing on the wrong prize pale in comparison to the real prize, reducing the cost of treating injuries and illnesses that befall Medicare beneficiaries who lack the critical DME they need to stay well,” stated Brian Leitten, head of Leitten Consulting. “CMS continues to bear this enormous cost, which has constantly grown over the decade and now stands at an estimated total of $98 billion annually in three key DME categories – mobility DME, oxygen therapy, and CPAP therapy equipment and supplies.” 

The graphic below shows how much money could be saved with fall prevention. 

Falls and injuries cost the healthcare system money. But when proper investments are made into quality equipment and services provided by DME suppliers, those falls and injuries are prevented because the end-user – you or your loved ones – are fitted in a quality piece of equipment, lowering your risk of future injury. 

You can check out the full study here. Reach out to your members of Congress and policymakers and help them understand that when proper funds are invested into the products and services you rely on, the quality of care for you and your loved ones’ will increase. 


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